Stellar Data Recovery: A brief overview

Stellar is a software which is mainly used for data erasure, data recovery, and data
migration. It is not only an ISO 27001 and ISO 900 certified organization but also the
world’s very first software which is used for both Videos and photos.
In India, there are 15 offices located in different leading cities of Stellar. Talking about their
reliability, not just in India but their services are being used in 190 services with around 3
million customers.

Be it for recovering the deleted important documents, pictures, videos or anything else, it
can do all efficiently.
Since losing an important file can happen due to many reasons such as system crashes,
accidental deleting or from any virus attack, it is difficult to recover the file manually.
However, using the software Stellar will help as it works in all such situations.
The software will easily find out the missing file by easily scanning the whole storage

In many cases when the file gets corrupted, this software can become the rescue and
recover it within a few minutes with ease.
The reason why Stellar is a step ahead than the other leading data recovery companies is
their special feature of ISO certified class 100 clean room environment. Now let us read
about it in details.

What is Class 100 Clean Room?

Talking about the Class 100 Clean room, it is basically an environment where the presence
of pollutant like dust, airborne microbes, chemical vapors are low in comparison with other
classes and also the temperature, pressure, and humidity is also controlled. In order to
open the damaged storage media and hard drives, a class 100 clean room is essential.

Stellar with Class 100 clean room

As Stellar believes in staying a step ahead than its competitors, they understand the
importance of Class 100 clean room. They understand that in order to keep the hard drive
safe, it is mandatory to open it in the same environment where it was manufactured.
It can cause damage to the hard disk if it is opened in a normal environment where the air
has around 35,00,000 particles per cubic meter. It is not recommended and can cause big
damage to the drive. And hence, they have their own class 100 clean room environment
where they ensure about every necessary thing such as the entry and exit will only be
done through airlocks and air showers, the technician’s are wearing the clothing which is
mandatory in order to keep the environment clean and safe and etc.

Stellar use the Class 100 clean room especially for pen drives, desktops and laptop hard
disks which are totally damaged. By opening these in class 100 clean room, they ensure
the recovery in the safest possible environment.


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