Spotify now live in India

After going through a handful of legal battles, Spotify finally rolled out their services in the Indian market late last night. From the prices it is very clear that Spotify is coming in very aggressively undercutting Apple’s pricing just by a single INR. Both the ad and Premium are available for users to choose.

Premium pricing is as follows:

  • 1 day for 13 INR
  • 7 days for 39 INR
  • 1 month for 129 INR
  • 3 months for 389 INR
  • 6 months for 719 INR
  • 1 year for 1189 INR
  • 50% off / month for students enrolled in college

The Spotify app is available for both the Google and iOS platforms. Now that Spotify is here, what are your thoughts on it ?


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