Samsung to develop 600MP mobile image sensor in the future

Samsung today announced their plans on working towards making a 600MP mobile image sensor. Samsung’s Head of Sensor Business Team revealed in a post the company’s intentions and ambitious plans for the same.

This comes aminds the reports of a 192-megapixel sensor developed by the brand which will be featured on a Xiaomi smartphone in a couple of months. Samsung has been at the forefront of this by launching the very first 108-megapixel sensor and the widely used GM1 and GM2 64-megapixel sensors just last year.

Regarding the future, and the company’s plans for 600Mp image sensor, in an editorial post, Yongin Park EVP, Head of Sensor Business Team, System LSI Business, Samsung, said:

“To date, the major applications for image sensors have been in the smartphones field, but this is expected to expand soon into other rapidly-emerging fields such as autonomous vehicles, IoT and drones. Samsung is proud to have been leading the small-pixel, high-resolution sensor trend that will continue through 2020 and beyond, and is prepared to ride the next wave of technological innovation with a comprehensive product portfolio that addresses the diverse needs of device manufacturers. Through relentless innovation, we are determined to open up endless possibilities in pixel technologies that might even deliver image sensors that can capture more detail than the human eye.”


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