PayPal One Touch powered by Google Smart Lock launched in India

PayPal India launched its OneTouch experience in India using Google Smart Lock. With One Touch, consumers will no longer have to retrieve their credit and debit card details to make purchases on their smartphones. OneTouch eliminates the need of logging in every time you need to make a purchase by designating a safe device.

One thing to note here is, if consumers once logged in will still need to go through the 2FA step to complete the transaction as per applicable regulations. Other PayPal services like Buyer Protection feature will continue to work here as well, providing an additional layer of protection to the consumer.

Commenting on the same, Kishore Konakanchi, Head of Product & Engineering, PayPal India said:

Our vision in India is to enable a convenient and safe payments experience for merchants and consumers. When consumers link their Google and PayPal accounts, it eliminates the need to re-enter passwords and thereby offering a faster check-out experience. Managing risk is PayPal’s secret sauce which has defined success for us across 200 markets over two decades.


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