Huawei launches VoWiFi Calling feature for a range of smartphone models

Huawei just announced Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) calling support for its smartphones. Wi-Fi Calling, enables users to voice call or video call other VoWiFi supported smartphones when a Wi-Fi connection is available.

Users can also make VoWiFi call in airplane mode, and even when the cellular network is not available. The Huawei VoWiFi solution complies with 3GPP specifications and uses the EPC (ePDG), SingleSDB (3GPP AAA), and IMS as the core control architecture. Common subscribers can access IMS networks through Wi-Fi hotspots and use HD voice and video services, implementing seamless handovers to VoLTE networks.

Subscribers use VoWiFi-supported smartphones to initiate voice or video calls when a Wi-Fi connection is available. When subscribers access networks under Wi-Fi hotspots, they can enjoy HD voice and video service and a smooth handover between VoLTE and VoWiFi. VoWiFi solution support international roaming call greatly improves indoor coverage and decreases the cost of MVNO.

Introducing this feature, Huawei spokesperson said, “Huawei is a global leader when it comes to communication technology. To open a new realm for advanced modes of communication, we have introduced the VoWiFi calling feature for Huawei users in India. This will ensure that even if there is bad or no network, users can easily make calls, do video chat, and communicate using their WiFi connections. Huawei aims to provide users ease of communication in every way and this feature has been launched to drive our vision of effective communication for all.”


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