[Exclusive] Here’s a first look at the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro

[Update-1] Added a slightly better shot of the OnePlus TV remote.

OnePlus has been drip-feeding information on the upcoming OnePlus products and now we have an exclusive look at the OnePlus TV. We managed to get our hands on the OnePlus TV renders, thanks to our trusted source.

OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro Specifications

Confirming the earlier leaks, OnePlus TV will indeed come in at 55-inches with a Q1 and Q1 Pro model. The only difference between the two will be the additional speakers on the Q1 Pro. Talking about the specs, the TVs will have a QLED 4K panel, with HDR 10 support. At the heart of the TVs is a Quad-Core chip with the Mali G series GPU’s.

Moving on to other vital specs, you would get 2.5GB RAM and 16GB Storage, with the picture being handled by the Gamma Color Magic processor. Sticking to the high refresh rate display theme, the TVs will have a 100Hz refresh rate panel with 90 local dimming zones. Connectivity-wise there are 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, SPDIF, Analog Audio out, TV tuner and an RJ45 ethernet jack. There is also dual-band wifi and Bluetooth 5.0 added to the mix.

Our source also tells us that the TV will come with the latest Android TV build along with a TV version of the OxygenOS. The naming of this skin is still not clear, OnePlus might call it ‘OxygenOS TV’ or ‘OxygenOS lite’. The OxygenOS build will also contain a feature called ‘OnePlus Share’ (more on this in the next post). Apart from this, you will get native support for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, a voice remote with the Google Assistant, Prime Video button and Type-C for charging.

OnePlus TV Remote

Here’s a more clear shot of the OnePlus TV remote, giving us an idea about the button layout especially the Prime Video button that has been missing from the official material that OnePlus has been teasing since the last week or so.

OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro Pricing

OnePlus TV will be priced around $900 ( INR 64,999 ) with sales expected to kick in during the Amazon Festive sales. Both the OnePlus 7T series and OnePlus TVs will be officially announced in India on 26th September, so stay tuned for the updates.


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