Android Game Apps To Watch For In 2018

Every now and then it pays for even the biggest tech enthusiasts to do a little bit of an app roundup. There are simply so many different downloads to choose from, so sometimes it’s nice to be able to look at a thoughtful list of the best news apps, the best productivity tools, etc. This will be a similar write-up, but rather than focusing on the best of an existing selection, we’ll look ahead to some leisure downloads for 2018 – and specifically, some of the most intriguing Android games to keep an eye out for.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This became the biggest mobile game to watch for in quite some time almost the moment it was announced. For those who may not have heard yet, this is a forthcoming effort from Niantic – the same company responsible for the AR trailblazer and gaming hit Pokémon GO. Already, Harry Potter fans are making suggestions as to what sort of content should be included, and people are speculating about a wide world of Harry Potter creatures brought to life by AR. It should be compatible with most modern Android devices, and may be even more spectacular on those that support ARCode.

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel’s getting a lot of attention of late for its intensely renewed focus on the console medium, but the company isn’t leaving mobile behind anytime soon. This is a game that will effectively become the preeminent Marvel RPG the moment it’s released. Developed by FoxNet, it appears to be a fairly straightforward concept, offering players the chance to use different Marvel heroes and villains to build RPG teams. If anything it sounds like a new, fresh alternative to Marvel Future Fight, which is already a very popular (and regularly updated) mobile title.

NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest

This is a unique selection on the list because it’s actually an existing game. In fact, it’s one that’s been around a while. Gonzo’s Quest was designed and created five years ago, and is still one of the most popular games in its category (3D slots). It’s been made available to mobile players in the last year or so, but the exciting thing here is that it’s moving into virtual reality, likely in 2018. Should that be an option on mobile devices, or should there also be an AR version, this will be one of the most interesting games of the year.

The Room Old Sins

The Room has been a headline mobile series for years now, and while many have expected it to take the next natural step toward VR (or AR), it appears the developers are sticking with the ordinary mobile format. A member of the team behind these games said that they wanted to reset it again back to a fresh, new story, separate from the first three The Room games, but with a similar feel. In that sense it will likely be somewhat familiar – but it will also almost undoubtedly be among 2018’s most beloved mobile titles.


Every so often we still get an established, classic game making its way to mobile for the first time. Such is the case with RuneScape, an MMORPG that was first developed by Jagex and put online in 2001. The game is coming to Android devices next year, and should bring a whole community of enthusiastic (and nostalgic) players along with it.


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