Hindi and Hinglish support now on Amazon Alexa

Amazon has steadily been expanding in the Indian market and the new development is a part of it. Now Amazon Alexa can interact in both Hindi and Hinglish as part of Amazon’s localization. This will let users interact with Alexa to ask for music, get Bollywood or sports updates and much more in Hindi or Hinglish. The new update will land for all Echo family of voice-controlled smart speakers.

With the new update, Alexa will be able to understand customers completely in Hindi or Hinglish, in multiple contexts, and varied regional accents and dialects. For example, if a customer asks for the weather in Hindi, Alexa will reply in Hindi, e.x. “Alexa, Aaj Mausam Kaisa hai?” and when they ask for information in English, Alexa will understand and respond in English e.x. “Alexa, tell me about Chandrayaan-2”.

Alexa in Hindi is also available on a range of smart speakers by Bose. Following this, brands such as Motorola, MyBox, Boat, Portronics, Fingers, Sony, iBall and Dish will launch and update their existing Alexa-built in devices to support Hindi.

How to get your Echo device to speak in Hindi?

  • To get started with Hindi, customers can just ask “Alexa, help me set up Hindi”
  • Existing Echo customers in India can change their device language to Hindi via the Language options inside the Device settings on the Alexa App.
  • Echo Show users can access the settings section to change the language by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • Soon, customers can speak to Alexa in Hindi and English without changing the language setting back and forth


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