SanDisk Ultra Dual-Drive Luxe USB Type-C stick Review

In this day and age when we’re surrounding with a ton of data, there is a slim chance that you might run out of storage. This is where data storage products come into frame and the leading brand making them SanDisk. The brand announced the all-new SanDisk Ultra® Dual-Drive Luxe USB Type-C back at CES and we now have the product in India as well.

The USB drive is available in a number of memory configurations starting from 32GB all the way to 1TB. We got our hands on the 128GB storage variant that comes in at a price of INR 1,869 and here’s our review.


As for the design is concerned, the Dual-Drive Luxe USB Type-C looks the same as a regular USB stick but with the caveat that you get a USB A port on one side and Type C on the other. Hence the name SanDisk Ultra® Dual-Drive Luxe USB Type-C.

The entire casing is made out of metal with a brushed finish that is both modern and classy at the same time, giving the product a premium look and feel. In terms of weight it less than 20 grams and wouldn’t add much of a bulk once hooked up to a smartphone or a tablet. The rotatory cover has stepped in the movement and locks in place.


The drive follows the plug and plays model, meaning that there won’t be a need for installing any type of apps or Softwares in order to get the USB drive working at least on an iOS and Windows device. But there is one SanDisk Storage manager app for Android which is stored inside the stick recovery and helps in data management once installed on an Android running phone/tablet. For the tests, we loaded the drive with a bunch of videos and the results were amazing.

As a general rule when looking at faster storage mode, like these the higher storage you have, the better are the read and write speeds. In our tests, we found the claimed 150MB/s read speeds to be spot on and here’s a graph that proves it too.

For this, we used a benchmark that made a 100MB test file and all the operations were performed on it. With the 150MB/s read speeds we got an average 65MB/s write speeds which makes this drive ideal for storing media and directly playing it on your smartphone, tablet, smartTV or PC.

One thing we noticed was the excessive heating on our unit with temperatures rising up to 48 degrees. Now, this could be due to the higher room temperatures or the metal casing not being as efficient in dispersing heat. The temps were still manageable and only noticeable when plugged into a laptop or PC.

Verdict- Should you buy it?

The Ultra Dual-Drive Luxe USB Type-C is one product from SanDisk that you should definitely invest in. The drive is stable, fast, well built and dual function making it easier to use with a bunch of devices. For much more practical use, we would suggest going with the 128GB and above models, so you could get the crazy fast read/write speeds.


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