HONOR smartphones now follow phone reliability test 3.2

HONOR, the sub-brand of Huawei has set a new benchmark quality testing, through the phone reliability test standard 3.2. This is a test that has been devised by the brand to provide utmost quality products to its consumers. The 3.2 test comes with a bunch of tests to tackle quality control issues.

The multiple durability tests for the phone reliability test standard 3.2 include switching the device on and off 10,000 times, 1,00,000 times for repeated stand-by and wake-up mode, 20,000 times for the power button and 50,000 times for the volume button. Apart from this, the smartphones are tested for USB port durability for 10,000 times, 3.5mm jack durability for 5,000 times, fingerprint click durability for 2,00,000 times and touch screen durability for 8,00,000 times.

In addition, the HONOR smartphones undergo multiple pressure and temperature tests to ensure they function optimally, even in the most drastic conditions. The brand is going at lengths to provide the best experience and, can even reject an entire lot of smartphones even if there is one faulty piece in the bunch. The HONOR 20 series are the latest devices to have undergone this testing standard.


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