When it comes to sales and after-sales services in the mobile industry, Apple is the benchmark but we have a new contender now, ‘OnePlus’. OnePlus has been making strides globally and a tad bit more in the Indian market.

We got the chance to get an up-close look at the OnePlus Experience Store in New Delhi. So basically OnePlus is trying to replicate the Apple Sales and Service experience with their touch on it. Looking at the store, you would strike a similarity with the California based giant, from the display zones to the store employee uniforms.


Once you get inside the store, you are greeted by the trained and experienced sales staff that would guide you in buying the best possible product for your needs. There are demo zones, where you can try out the smartphones before making the purchase.

OnePlus Experience Store in our opinion is not just sales and service stores but a place where the whole OnePlus community can come together to enjoy the OnePlus ecosystem. Moving on from the demo zones, there is an unboxing area specially made for the OnePlus community to unbox their new smartphones at the store itself where you could have one of the sales staff help you in setting up your new phone.

At the store, you also get access to the signature OnePlus Coffee Experience that in our opinion is a very nifty idea. So basically OnePlus has these specially sourced coffee beans from the best estates in the country, and after close to 800 tests, OnePlus gets you the best- medium roast with a perfectly balanced flavor. So the idea here is, you sip on a cup of coffee while your phone is getting serviced. More on the OnePlus Coffee Experience can be found here.

The New Delhi store has 2 levels, with the demo zone and the coffee experience on level 1 while the service center is on level 2. Moving to the service part, this is where OnePlus has hit a home run. OnePlus at their exclusive centers promises your smartphone to be repaired under 1 hour which is nuts. Just head to the repair counters, get your handset tested, upon which you get a token and you wait for your chance in the waiting area. Now the waiting area as per usual has books and magazines for the nerds and a gaming area with PlayStation 4 for the gamers.

The experience doesn’t end here, OnePlus went ahead and opened the service area for the consumers, so you could sip on a cup of coffee and look at your smartphone getting repaired. This is something which we haven’t seen from a brand yet. During our visit, we got a taste of a OnePlus 6T getting repaired up close.

Now to sum up our experience at the OnePlus Experience Store, we came across one of the best and well thought out stores not just in terms of sales but after sales as well. OnePlus is very serious on providing their customers a world-class experience and it shows as soon you step in the Experience Store.


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